(5) Threshold

Life is yoga | Threshold

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better”, by Samuel Beckett. This Irish (drama) writer and poet inspired my yoga practice. How often do we pursue perfection on our yoga mat and most of all in our daily lives?


What if everything was so simple? With a snap of the finger live the perfect life. Or instantly get a hang of that challenging yoga pose. Why is there always resistance? Why those thresholds? Many times I felt frustrated because things didn´t go the way I wanted them to.

Small steps

But wait … How did I learn to walk? Probably dozens of times I fell. Every time a small step. Raising myself at the bars of the baby crib. Slowly it went better. Was I frustrated? I was too young to remember it, but I think not. I was exploring. Without judgment seeking the essence of “walking.” With full attention and without judgment.


You cannot stand up without falling. But by falling, each time you come closer to the top. Slowly, but surely you climb higher and higher. Your positive attitude is the ‘ life – line ‘ in this climb to a great view: success.


Also actors do this. They try to figure out every time what makes a character unique. They try to make many mistakes so they know all the ins and outs of the character. And with this they come to the essence. They are protected by the safe walls of the rehearsal. They keep a life biography of the character that they play with all kinds of important information.


Maybe nice to know: Ganesha, is the god of travelers. He protects travelers on their way; their discovery. He throws thresholds; makes you stop and hold on to make choices. He is there to protect you, to give you the confidence that every choice is good. So have confidence, fall, get up and be a master in falling.