Liever in het Nederlands lezen?

Coming Home

Late at night I drive back home after a busy trip. To Groningen (The Netherlands). I was born and raised there. Every time I see the city from a distance, I feel that I am ‘coming home’. The silhouettes of the Martini Tower, the Gasunie building and the striking city gates at the entrance of the city. When I insert the key in the door a little later, I know: I’m home.


That same feeling I get from yoga. From childhood on I moved a lot and loved playing. I went to drama school where the physical side of acting fascinated me. I felt at home. Around my 21st I started teaching at a gym. Gym? Yes, after graduation I missed being physically busy. Then the hype around Power Yoga started and my boss said: ‘That is something for you too‘. The playful character, the challenge and the rest, made me feel once again: ‘at home’. Of the twenty trained colleagues, only three remained. One of them was me.


There was no turning back. Besides the Power Yoga training, soon Pilates was added. In the years following I did many workshops with Andreas Trussat and Debbie Jenner. More and more I became interested in the mental and spiritual side. I read one book after another. Ruby Wax (‘Sane your brain’) inspired me and when I read ‘Het inzicht’ by Johan Noorloos I was sure.
I wanted my knowledge being rewarded with a certificate. I wanted a kind of stamp of approval. So I decided to follow the RYT 200 HR Teacher Training. Tony Guiliano and Kenny Graham gave me the confidence that I can share that knowledge.


In addition to the training I continue to fill my backpack. Johan Noorloos, Marcel van de Vis Heil and Ross Rayburn inspire me. But also my godchildren Jip and Saar. Their open-mindedness and unconditionality are a valuable gift.


The Yoga mat is a safe play area. In my lessons I try to make connections with daily life in a playful way.  My classes are playful, energetic, creative and with humor. I hope the lesson has created a physical, mental or spirtuele journey. And that you come home every time…