(2) A hero’s journey

Life is yoga - Hero

Once upon a time… Oh no, not another fairy tale! But actually it is. It’s a mythical fairy tale about a hero. About challenges, changes, wise words and thrilling (story)turns. About your life! Or at least if you want to grow and enrich your life.

I love safety and clarity. For years I thought that this security and safety originated from leaving everything the way it is. To make sure everything is predictable. In the end that backfired on me, my surroundings changed: another job, growing older, wondering if this is it. No, this isn’t just it, there is more. Thank god.

But what about the fairy tale and being a hero? I came across the monomyth of Joseph Campbell. Campbell researched the structure of mythical stories. Fairy tales, legends, saga, etc. He also called it ‘a hero’s journey’, the journey of a hero. The hero is being challenged to change his world. This coinciding with many challenges.

There are highlights, depths and of course wise words. In the end the hero returns stronger from his adventurous journey. This also happened during my changing life (style). Highs, lows and wise words. I learned to see it as a journey. To enjoy the journey, even if not everything goes the way it’s supposed to the first time.

Do you also want an adventurous journey? Make a bucket list.